Welcome to the Motown Showdown!

Dancing Friends,

After much thought as to how we are supposed to move forward in the dance world, I have to make what I feel is the most proper decision. As of yesterday, Ignacio and I have lost 6 immediate family members to Covid-19.

This has pushed us to the final decision that we MUST cancel this years Motown Showdown. There are way to many people that we care about that attend Motown, and if I were indirectly responsible for their exposure to Covid, it would devastate me greatly. Although there are many people that think its perfectly ok to pick and move forward from where we left off a few months ago, the virus is still very much alive, and I choose to help protect those that we care for and respect so much. It is with great hopes that there will be progress in our world very soon that will allow us to return to the joy of what we do most. Share the dance floor, give lots of hugs, and laugh from the heart.


We look forward to safely providing an awesome event in 2021. Until then, please stay safe.

Blake Kish